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Welcome to our specialist Learner Driver Insurance Website
where you can buy your insurance online in minutes
At Collingwood Insurance Services we offer two types of Learner Driver Insurance policies to suit your needs. 
Short-term insurance policies (7 days - 24 weeks) when learning to drive in your own or someone elses car (as specified on the policy) as well as Annual Insurance policies (12 months).
Please read the information below very carefully to help you choose the correct link you will need to access your account or to get a quote.
If you're not sure which link to click on you can contact us on 0345 470 0014.
Learner Driver Insurance
Learner Driver Insurance
Looking for Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance from 7 day to 24 week durations*?
Looking for short-term insurance whilst learning to drive in either yours or someone elses car?
Already have a Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance Policy (reference ends in CLD) and need to access your account.
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or get a short-term insurance quote
Received a quote through a Price Comparison Website?
Got a Policy or Quote reference ending in ALD and need to access your account?
Looking for Annual Learner Driver Insurance?
Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft or Comprehensive Cover?
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or get an annual insurance quote
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